PhilanthroPal, PhilanthroPal Foundation, Care2Square

Skills: Photoshop, Front End Development, WordPress, Project Management
Project Date: February 2014 - present

Project Description

PhilanthroPal is a not-for-profit organization that is utilizing modern technology to help raise funds and awareness for non-profit organizations worldwide. We were approached to work on their initial marketing sites for PhilanthroPal and Philanthropal Foundation. While the home page for the main PhilanthroPal site was designed by another team member, I designed the interior pages as well as the full PhilanthroPal Foundation site. Next up, I was tasked with designing the Care2Square site, which is the first game released by the PhilanthroPal organization. In addition to the design work I have done, I have acted as Project Manager on behalf of the business for any ongoing needs they have.